Search products by seller

By using our public resource /sites/{site_id}/search? you can get the results of active items directly from Mercado Libre listings. By using our private resource /users/{cust_id}/items/search?access_token= you can get a list of items posted by a certain user from his/her account.


Get items of Listings by seller

This search adjusts to the site's listing rules. Results will always be active items. Notes:

  • Get Mercado Libre listing URL directly by replacing /search? for /searchUrl?
  • Offset searches above 50,000 are limited

By nickname

When you don’t know what’s the seller_id of an user by you know the nickname, you can try doing the following search:


By seller_id

If you already know the seller_id just do as it follows:


Note: While the API sites/(site_id) will show item description, it will not display all the seller's listings. To see the full list without the descriptions, you should make the following call:{seller_id}/items/search?access_token=$ACCESS_TOKEN

By seller id for an specific category

Note that the previous searches don’t retrieve the seller’s classified listings, only their products. You can use the following example to search within a specific category and this call accepts classified categories to also query those listings.


Now you know the id of each item of a seller you can make a call to the items resource to know more about them. To improve the call you’re making we recommend you to use multiget and selection features, so you can get up to 50 products by making only one call and only the fields you’re interested in. Call:{Item_id1},{Item_id2}&attributes={attribute1,attribute2,attribute3}



	"available_quantity": 24,
	"id": "MLA594239600",
	"price": 1999,
	"seller_id": 143125485,
	"status": "active",
	"title": "Celular Libre Samsung Galaxy Ace 4 Neo Blanco"
	"available_quantity": 5,
	"id": "MLA599260060",
	"price": 7999,
	"seller_id": 167520920,
	"status": "active",
	"title": "Aire Acondicionado Split Rca Frio Calor 3400w"

Filter and sort search results in the listings

In /sites/{site_id}/search? you will find the fields ”available_sorts" and “available_filters”. How to filter? For example, to filter items with free shipping, you will find the "shipping” ID among the ”available_filters" with “free” ID value.{cust_id}&shipping=free

How to sort? In this case, you should add “sort” to the available sort ID that you wish to apply, for example: “price_asc”{cust_id}&sort=price_asc

Note: Listing search includes an order of relevance defined by default.

Get items from a seller’s account

This search is performed directly in the seller’s account; this is a private resource and you will need an access_token. Note: Note that using this call, you will get a list of items. For more information on each item, we suggest using a multiget as explained before.

By seller_id

If you already know the seller_id, just do the following:


If the request return more than 1000 result, please refer to the following documentation.


If the item has an SKU in the “seller_custom_field” you can look for it as follows:


By status


Filter and Sort results of items by seller

In /users/{cust_id}/items/search? you will find the fields ”available_orders" and “available_filters” How to sort? In this case, you should add “orders” to the available sort ID that you wish to apply, for example: “start_time_desc”$ACCESS_TOKEN

Note: It includes a stop_time_asc by default. How to filter? For example, to filter items with listing_type “gold_pro” you will find the "listing_type_id" among the "available_filters" with the "gold_pro" ID value.{Cust_id}/items/search?isting_type_id=gold_pro&access_token=$ACCESS_TOKEN

For more search examples, go to: Items and searches.

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