Items & Searches

This examples will help you work with items and make searches on MercadoLibre.

Resource Description Example
/items Allows listing items. POST
/items/{Item_id} Allows managing listings GET PUT
/items/validate Validate the JSON before posting an item. POST
/items/{Item_id}/available_upgrades Returns available listing types to upgrade an item exposure. GET
/items/{Item_id}/relist Allows to relist an item. GET
pictures/{picture_id} Manage item pictures. GET DELETE
/items/{Item_id}/description Manage description for an item. GET PUT
/sites/{Site_id}/search?q=ipod&access_token=$ACCESS_TOKEN Retrieves items from a search query. GET
/sites/{Site_id}/searchUrl?q=ipod&access_token=$ACCESS_TOKEN Search for any item in MercadoLibre. It will return an array of items url that match the search criteria. GET
/sites/MLA/search?category={Category_id}&official_store_id=all&access_token=$ACCESS_TOKEN Search for all items listed by Official Stores for a given category. GET
/sites/{Site_id}/hot_items/search?limit=5&category={Category_id}&access_token=$ACCESS_TOKEN Retrieves an array of hot items from a specified category by parameter. Works only with the first level of categories. GET
/sites/{Site_id}/featured_items/HP-{Category_Id} Retrieves an array of featured items. The featured items are items that have a special exposure at home page or categories page. You can use only HP for products of home or HP-{categId} for featured by category. Only works with first level of categories. GET
/sites/{Site_id}/trends/search?category={Category_id}&access_token=$ACCESS_TOKEN Retrieve an array of the trends items from the category specified by parameter. GET
/sites/{Site_id}/search?seller_id={Seller_id}&category={Category_id}&access_token=$ACCESS_TOKEN Search items by seller_id for a category. GET
/users/{Cust_id}/items/search?access_token=$ACCESS_TOKEN Retrieves user's items. GET
/items/{Item_id}/variations Manage item's variations. GET POST
/items/{Item_id}/variations/{Variation_id} Manage variations. GET PUT DELETE
/users/{Cust_id}/items/search?sku={seller_custom_field}&status=active&access_token=$ACCESS_TOKEN Search item by SKU. Filter item by status. GET
/users/{Cust_id}/items/search?tags=price_review&access_token={access_token} View items with price_review GET
/users/{Cust_id}/items/search?tags=incomplete_technical_specs&access_token={access_token} It allows reviewing publications that are losing exposure due to not having the complete technical sheets. GET

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