About Us

We are the biggest e-commerce platform in Latin America, connecting buyers and retailers from over 16 countries. We are also an IT company and developers from all over the world make use of our Open Platform to create applications that help sellers and buyers improve they experience.
    Our ecosystem divides in different business units:
  • Our Marketplace is the core product, where people can buy and sell almost any product, vehicle, real estate or service.
  • MercadoPago is a service that lets you send and receive money online for purchases on MercadoLibre or in any other commerce that integrates with the platform. If you’re a collector or want to develop a payment-related app, head over to MercadoPago Developers.
  • MercadoShops is a platform that helps you build and administrate your own online store.
  • Mercado Publicidad is our advertising product, offering pay-per-click text ads that appear during the site searches and on product pages.

Reasons to integrate with our API

Save time & earn money

  • Almost anything you can do on MercadoLibre can be done automatically or semi-automatically if you use our API. You can start earning money today by selling items or listing your classifieds that will be displayed to all the users that browse our Marketplace.
  • You can list items massively, synchronize stock automatically, suggest answers to common questions, know the best price to sell an item, and much, much more.

Engage more users

  • Increase your traffic by taking advantage of our millions of items and users.
  • Access our public read-only data such as listings, categories, popular searches and much more.
  • Build web or mobile apps to help buyers, sellers and companies that want to expand their business on the e-commerce world.
  • Keep your buyer's contact information on hand and get to know them better.

Business intelligence

    Provide integrations between MercadoLibre and e-commerce stores.
  • Increase your productivity by building your own custom-made back-office apps.
  • Know your market and competition.
  • Take metrics to help sellers improve their business.

Collect Payments

  • Add payment buttons to your e-commerce store.
  • Receive and manage payments from your store.
  • Register your application & start earning money now
You need to register an application to interact with our API. You can do it using your MercadoLibre user.

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