About our API

The main characteristic that sets MercadoLibre API apart from other APIs is that ours is easily monetizable. Our resources will help you both automate and enhance everything you want to do with MercadoLibre. We share the same technology we consume, so you can take it as a guarantee of how much you can rely of it, and know that we're constantly making improvements.

What is an API?

It means Application Programming Interface. MercadoLibre API works like a window so that anyone can develop their applications and help sellers escalate their business, increase sales, and gain customers’ loyalty using any programming language!


Ours is a RESTful API, which means that you can use a url to access the different resources corresponding to the departments that make up MercadoLibre ecosystem: /users, /items, /orders, etc.


Since we take our users’ security very seriously, you will only be able to navigate our API through the HTTPS protocol.

Data Structure

The information you’ll find on our API is an exact replica of what you can find when you navigate our site: http://www.mercadolibre.com/. The information is in JSON, a lightweight data exchange format increasingly widespread since it is easily read by both humans and machines.

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