What is a variation?

A variation is a resource that allow sellers to set images and stock for each variant that a given same product may have. For example, in Fashion there may be pictures of each color or size within the same item publication. In Car parts, the same happens with right side, or left side in some accessories.

What are variations useful for?

  • The buyer can see inside same publication different versions and availability of the product.
  • Reduces Q&A between buyer and seller
  • Avoid negative ratings because the seller knows for sure what the purchased variation.
  • Reduce friction after-sales.
  • Allows a better control on items stock
  • Increases conversion

In addition, sellers can assign an SKU code for each variation. This will be very useful for those sellers who need to control their stock by inventory.

*NOTE: The price must be the same for every variation.

Standard variations.

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