Create and manage a project

To make a better experience from your integration with MercadoLibre, we launched the Projects API resource.

Creating a new project in this resource, you could link your applications to it, provided that this app doesn’t belong to the project owner.
This help us to measure and know more about your integration.

We are going to enable a new dashboard where you will can check the performance of the different applications from your project.

Every certified developer have to create mandatorily a new project and the link to his applications.

What do I have to do?

It’s a simple concept. At first, you create a new project and then all your apps will be linked up to this.
So, you have to create just a project as integrator and put the apps in this only one.
You should do something like this, for example:
A project called MyCompanyHubIntegration with all applications related to it.
Another project called MyCompanyCustomerName and so on.

Create a project


JSON: {'name': 'Project Name', 'site_id': 'MLA'}

Expected response: 201

Add an app to your project


JSON: {'application_id': APPLICATION_ID}

Expected response: 201

Get all apps from your project


Delete an app from your project


JSON: {'application_id': APPLICATION_ID}

Expected response: 200

Change a project name


JSON: {'name': 'changed name'}

Delete a project


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