Mercado Envios mode 2

You already know some of the particularities of opting for Mercado Envios 2. This tutorial will help you list a product with this mode and manage the whole shipping process using the resources of our API.
Note that package size is set by ME2 and it cannot be managed by the user.


Opting in for using ME2

If you want to use Mercado Envios mode 2, you may opt-in. Please check these links:

Offering ME2 on your products

Once you opt-in to work with ME you can add the option to your items. When a buyer buys your product he will need to introduce an address at checkout and pay for the product with the shipping costs included.
We will follow the package and make sure it gets to the right place.
The money for the payment will be available on your account two days after the delivery is successful.
You will be able to add free shipping on your items and this will boost your listings on the search.

Listing a product with ME2 is very simple, just list an item as usual, including me2 in the shipping array.

curl -X POST -H "Content-Type: application/json" -d '{
    "title": "Item de teste",
    "category_id": "MLA91727",
    "price": 1200,
    "currency_id": "ARS",
    "available_quantity": 2,
    "buying_mode": "buy_it_now",
    "listing_type_id": "bronze",
    "condition": "new",
    "description": "test",
    "pictures": [
            "source": ""
            "source": ""
   "shipping": {
   "mode": "me2",
   "local_pick_up": false,
   "free_shipping": false,
   "free_methods": []

Free shipping

Sellers can list their products offering one of the shipping methods for free and Mercadolibre charges the seller for the shipping cost. Know the details and learn how to list with free shipping.

Shipping costs & handling time calculator

On our Marketplace sellers will have a shipping calculator on the item description page so buyers will know the cost for the shipping and estimated handling time.
You can use our resources to calculate this basing on the information you have .

A prepaid label is a PDF file that can be spent on the delivery of your product. It was already paid by the buyer, when he went through the checkout. Once you have an order paid by the buyer, you’ll need to print the prepaid label.
The shipments have to be in status ready_to_ship to be able to get a label (see later on how to check the shipment status). That means that the payment has been processed and the prepaid label is available for the seller.
The API to obtain a label, or a set of labels, receives a list of shipment IDs and an access token and returns the labels on the format of your choice. The options are PDF or ZPL.
To get the shipping label on PDF format make the following call:

The response will be a PDF file containing one or more prepaid shipping labels ready to print.

If you want the shipping labels on ZPL format you need to change the response_type=pdf to response_type=zpl2 on the GET you make to the API.


This resource returns a ZIP file. This ZIP includes a PDF with the PLP and a TXT file. Now you can print the TXT file from your Zebra printer.

Zebra thermal printer (Only for Mercadolibre Colombia)

If you work on Mercadolibre Colombia (MCO), there is another print format available, the thermal for Zebra printers. You can perform that by the next call:


Paper configuration must be 100 x 213 millimeters
Note: If your operating system is Microsoft Windows use the driver: Generic Text Only Driver.

Considerations on label types by site

Printing type Printer Availables sites Response type Output
PDF Common printer
  • Argentina (MLA)
  • México (MLM)
  • Brasil (MLB)
  • Colombia (MCO)
  • Chile (MLC)
  • response_type=pdf pdf label
    ZPL2 Thermal printer
  • Argentina (MLA)
  • México (MLM)
  • Brasil (MLB)
  • Chile (MLC)
  • response_type=zpl2 zip file containing the label on txt format and print summary in pdf format
    Thermal PDF Thermal printer
  • Colombia (MCO)
  • response_type=thermal_pdf pdf label

    Shipping status

    Shipping status may vary on the order depending the shipping mode selected for the product. For modes that support automatic tracking and tracking numbers are monitored, the shipping status will be updated by us, while for other shipping modes, you’ll be responsible for sending a tracking number and update the shipping status. This is not mandatory but we suggest you to do it so you improve your chances of getting better feedback from the buyers.
    Shipment is created with this state.
    Payment has been received for this shipment.
    Authorization code has been received from carrier.
    Carrier has informed shipment departure.
    Carrier has informed shipment arrival.
    Carrier was unable to deliver package.
    Shipment has been cancelled.


    Mercado Envíos BRASIL
    Mercado Envíos shipments come by default in publications from R $ 30 categories where the service is available.
    In all cases, the seller may add to the publication the possibility to deliver the product in person.
    There will be no changes in publication of less than R $ 30 or categories where the service is not enabled.

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