Item description

An item description contains custom information about the item you are selling. You decide how much information you add on the item description and how is going to be displayed. You can choose between a simple plain text description or you can make a custom HTML template.
The information displayed on the description should complement the item attributes we already display on the item description page. For example you can add specifications, images, sale details, promotional ads, everything you find useful and catchy for buyers to choose your product, and reduce the need of making many questions before making an offer.


Considerations & Best Practices

Description can be an HTML, but notice that there are some elements that will be blocked or replaced for company politics and security reasons.

Elements you should avoid

  • Iframes
  • Scripts
  • Froms
  • Inputs
  • Meta
  • Object
  • Embed

Elements that can be cleaned

  • Styles (for example: position-absolute)
  • Attributes
  • Ids
  • Javascript inline

Add or replace current description

If you didn’t send anything on the description when you listed your product, you can use this tutorial to add it later on, just follow this example:

curl -X PUT -H "Cot: application/json" -d


See?, Easy! Description can be added or replaced whenever you want, even when the item has bids already, so get to work and make a great description for your items.

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