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2 January 2016

New improvement: Bulk sale to “ceramicas” and “porcelanatos” categories! – Only for MLA

We are working to improve the publications in “ceramicas” and “porcelanatos” categories (only MLA for now). To accomplish that now we allow Bulk sale in those categories. …


23 November 2015

Category prediction resource

The category prediction resource was created to help sellers and developers predict under which category a certain item should be listed. It’s currently working for Argentina, Brazil, Colombia, Chile and Mexico. …


4 November 2014

New validations for variations

We’re adding validations for listings with variations. This is because we were accepting numbers in cases when a String is required, according to our Documentation. Starting next Monday, November 10th, we’ll only accept the value you send for attribute_combinations as a String, so if you’re sending another data type we suggest you adapt your system [……