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Changes on relistings

We are making changes on the relistings behavior. To date, relistings inherit the parent_item bids. From September 8th on, relistings will inherit historic bids, wich means they will get the bids from all the previous items they came from.
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Latest news

José Paulo Levanovski Papo from Google

Meet our guest presentator at the 3rd Developer Conference Brazil: José Paulo Levanovski Papo, Google Developer Relations for Google. José will talk about the last Google I/O, show us technology live, and bring us the last news about Android. You can't miss it!
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André Noel: vidadeprogramador.com.br

Our 3rd Developer Conference Brazil it's just around the corner, we are pleased to announce we'll be having André Noel, from vidadeprogramador.com.br, a geek humor blog, entertaining us with an stand-up presentation for the closure so we can relax and share a good laugh after what promises to be a very interesting day.
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