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25 April 2016

¡Ya está disponible nuestro primer curso online!

Junto a Acamica hemos realizado cursos online que te ayudarán a profundizar tus conocimientos sobre la API abierta de MercadoLibre…


13 April 2016

Changes on free shipping options on MLM and MLB

We’re making changes on our free shippings options by country: From now on seller’s will have a country flat rate for the items they free ship. This rate is going to be calculated basing on dimensions. By now it’s only available on MercadoLibre México (MLM)…


28 March 2016

Changes arrived to MercadoLibre

The new publishing model is available from today for MercadoLibre Argentina. During this week we will also be doing in Mexico.
And remember that in a few days, in April, will be the turn of Chile. Little by little we are improving…


2 January 2016

New improvement: Bulk sale to “ceramicas” and “porcelanatos” categories! – Only for MLA

We are working to improve the publications in “ceramicas” and “porcelanatos” categories (only MLA for now). To accomplish that now we allow Bulk sale in those categories. …

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