Last days until SSL 3.0 shutdown!

Please, make sure to update your apps before June, 1st.
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API Improvements: Iframes on description banned

We won't allow any kind of iframe on the Item descriptions anymore. This change won't break the way your description looks, but any embedded iframe is going to be removed.
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API Improvements: Changes on MercadoLibre Mexico Shipping

From March 26 on, we'll start to deactivate progressively the custom shipping option for categories of MercadoLibre Mexico that allow MercadoEnvios. Also, when an item is listed under not_specified shipping mode, we'll set it on "local_pick_up": "true".
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API Improvements: New payments scenario on MercadoLivre Brazil

By know, on Mobile, when an user is on B=P and his payment is rejected for reaching the credit card limit, we're letting him add another payment with a second credit card. From November 10th on, we're also including this feature for web. This feature is not completely new, we already send multiple payments on the payments array for some operations on our site, but we want to let you know it's going to happen more often.
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